Victory Martial Arts Summer Camps

Victory Martial Arts Summer Camp

XMA Camp

Date: June 17th – June 21st
This is an intro to Extreme Martial Arts. Ever wanted to be a ninja or power ranger? Well here is a chance to learn how they do some of the stunts you see in movies. We provide a safe place to learn to do ninja rolls and other tricks. There is also a introduction to weapons and weapon safety.

Safety Camp

Date: June 24th – June 28th
This is a camp based on safety. Come learn how to defend yourself through quick techniques and training. The purpose of this is to give the tools needed to recognize a potential dangerous situation and protect yourself against it.

Belt Promotion

Date: July 15th – July 19th
Want to earn your black belt faster? Come to this intense training. At the end of a tough training week you will move up 1 belt rank.

Sparring Camp

Date: August 5th – August 9th
Come have fun learning how to put your self-defense skills into action. This gives you a chance to see your skills in action. *Recommended to have full sparring gear, if you need gear please feel free to stop in and talk to us about it.

Fun Camp

Date: August 19th – August 23rd
Time to wind down. Schools about to start, and have one last blast of a time. Here we will work on all skills and throw in Ninja Obstacle course as well.

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