World Class Ice Carvers Return to Village at Leesburg as Part of 3rd Annual Winter Ice Fest


Leesburg, Virginia – World-class ice carvers from all over the country will go head to head in Northern Virginia on January 16 as Village at Leesburg hosts its 3rd Annual Winter Ice Fest and 2nd Annual Mega Block Ice Carving Competition. Last year’s event attracted hundreds of spectators who braved temperatures in the teens to marvel at the artistry and skill exhibited by the competitors. The competition will be stiffer this year as two more competitors join, bringing the total number of ice carvers to ten.

The competition, sanctioned by the National Ice Carving Association, will begin at 9 am and continue until dark, when the entries are illuminated and the winner is announced. Four competitors are returning, including last year’s winner Todd Dawson, who will look to retain his title; also returning are Angelito Baban, Don Harrison, and Jess Parrish. Six newcomers will take part in the competition: Robert LoFurno, Rich Daly, David Smith, Matt Hass, Walter Ross, and Sean Leahy. The event is free and open to the public.

“We were thrilled at the community response to this event last year, and we’re so glad to be able to bring it back,” said Staci Harris, marketing director for Village at Leesburg. The Ice Fest will also see the return of the Capital’s Red Rockers Cheerleaders and the Washington mascot Slapshot. Other highlights include S’mores by area Girl Scouts, Cider from Smokehouse Live, and Hot Chocolate from Travinia.

Baltimore-based Ice Lab Ice Sculptures is organizing the competition and has revealed their design for the festival’s signature piece. All sculptures will remain on display until they melt. “We’re excited that this is something people have already started looking forward to each year,” said owner Casey Lee Conner.

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