Luv 2 Play

1600 Village Market Blvd., Suite 300
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Luv 2 Play

Luv 2 Play is a super-fun parent supervised indoor playground packed with age appropriate excitement for infants to tweens and everyone in-between! We provide a safe and secure climate controlled environment to allow children to be active whilst nurturing their imagination, growing their social skills, building creativity, getting some intellectual juices flowing and allowing kids to be kids!

Luv 2 Play provides specially designed play areas for each age group:

Baby Play Area (Ages 0-2) – This area is designed for the smallest among us, to get those motor and social skills started early with soft toys and cushioned climbing, allowing little sitters and crawlers to play safely.

Toddler Play Area (Ages 1-4) – Specially designed jungle gym with two wave slides, giant ball pit, crawler tube and hanging bags will bring those giggles on. A ride-on peanut go-around as well as banana swing will add to the fun your toddler will have.

Main Playground (Ages 4-12) – Crawler tubes, obstacle courses, wave slides, tube slides, punching bags, fireman’s ladder, yoga ball pit, log swing, spinners, zip line and the beloved BALL BLASTER ZONE!!

Soft Climbing Wall (Ages 3-12) – Reaching for new heights kids get to show off their skills and inspire those a little bit smaller in a safe and fun activity.

Building Area (Ages 2-12) – Kinetic Sand is a three-dimensional building toy that mimics the physical properties of wet sand. In appearance, it resembles light brown sugar. Kinetic sand can be useful for kids with intellectual disability for self-stimulation, learning and soothing.

Gaming Area – Gamers love to game and Luv 2 Play’s arcade with ticket games which allows you to go home with prizes – the spoils of a big win!